A Man in his TechnoShed

Welcome to my page about A man and his musical and ancient computer related exploits in a humble shed 🙂 If you are interested in music for your game or other production please contact me and I’ll do my best to help whatever the circumstances 🙂 Computer musician for hire/abuse 😀

Hi All! It’s almost time…. TX1696 is VERY close to release. Make sure you’re on the list. There will be an exclusive vinyl release of the TX1696 soundtrack which you’ll be able to order alongside the game!

We are tentatively working on a version for other platforms – but the Spectrum is the daddy!
Taster of the soundtrack here!

Bikers physical release is currently available again! – complete with a soundtrack CD.
Get it while you can

Don’t forget to check out the Bapstarcade youtube channel. It’s one of my favourites and features some technoshed jingles 🙂

First tune of 2023!
A few months ago the shed of dreams gained a Yamaha MODX6+. Very different sounds to the roland fa06 which was the previous centre of my music.

Take a listen in these places!

Blank Canvas 2 In aid of the awesome Retro Computer Museum in Leicester!

We have a new release coming to streaming services on 4th november, but you can get a listen, or a copy of the mp3 on bandcamp at https://amaninhistechnoshed.bandcamp.com

It’s time for another escapee from the shed of dreams to reach it’s potential and run free 🙂

Proud to announce preorders are now open for the fantastic game, tx-1696. It’s going to blow your socks off! A Technical tour-de-force, with 90s-ish electronic music, fantastic graphics that stretch the machine, and gameplay to match!

The excellent game Dougie do featuring an AY soundtrack by myself is now available at: https://robgm.itch.io/dougie-do. It’s a free download so no excuse not to try it – it has that just ‘one more go’ feel absolutely nailed 🙂

The Bikers soundtrack is now on spotify et al for those who havent had a chance to listen!

The electronic sounding music I’ve made over the last year or so is now an album:

Latest work in progress 🙂

I’m very proud to have this CD included with the deluxe release of Bikers for the Spectrum Next. This is a recreation of all the chiptune music contained within the game!

My most ambitious tune to date is my latest release Ebbing away. Take a listen here – especially if you enjoy a little progressive rock!

This features multiples guitars layered as well as the MS1, The Deepmind 12, the model D, the Roland FA06 as well as the Atari ST and toontrack drums on cubase 11. Also getting a little better at getting vocals to fit the music.

Take a listen to A New Beginning on any of the platforms below. It’s the first time i’ve sang on a recording, and i hate how my voice sounds, but it’s a song about my dealing with cauda equina syndrome over the last two years. I’m the first to admit the emotion is in the music rather than the words, but i hope you like it!


Proud to announce that A blank canvas, a charity album to keep retro computer museum going through the pandemic is live. https://blankcanvascharity.uk/ I’ve done 5 tracks and there are superstar computer musicians and other talented musicians with an interest in vintage computers.

A bit of a flavour of the RCM’s Blank Canvas CD… Some fantastic tracks, and a huge variety of styles. Every sale helps keep the RCM afloat through the pandemic. Available at https://blankcanvascharity.uk

First the music! (Bandcamp gives most money to the artist for a purchase – spotify pays best if you’re streaming!)

My music is available on Bandcamp:


Apple Music:





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